Friday, September 25, 2009

"People? What a bunch of bastards!"

People. I get it, we all need people at some point or another. Whether it's for company, or for help, or for "love" or whatever, we all need other people. Just not ALWAYS. Well, who knows? Maybe some people DO need others around and will just about die without some sort of company. Me though, I am not that person. Not right now anyway.

Right now I feel pretty freakin' crowded. I may have been able to claim my territory here and there, but there's a problem. At this point, it's really not enough. Just the sight of the people I see everyday is slowly wearing on me. AND IT'S MY FAULT. They did nothing. Nothing. And yet, I'd really like to just have them go away. Far Away. For quite a while.

If anything, they did the whole above-and-beyond thing. I can't be a pleasure to be around, I'm sure. It's just, at this point, I need to be able to at least have a space to myself that actually feels like mine. I so desperately want to just be able to sit in a room by myself. I don't know why but Christ, I need it bad. I want to be able to just sit, in a room, BY MY SELF. Nope, not happening.

Just venting about it I feel like I could cry. I'm gonna blame it on my MS-Life Emotions though so I don't feel like a complete pathetic sad sack. I talk about my desire to move, but I don't see it happening any time soon (by soon I'd love it to be as soon as tomorrow). Definitely far from here, definitely out of state. The strange thing is, despite how much I want that solitary feeling, I wouldn't move unless I knew I had some sort of support system in place. I don't have the confidence in myself to know whether or not I could handle all of life's bullcrap without knowing that I could call upon some backup if I needed it. Even if I never needed it. Just knowing someone was there would be good enough.

Or, and I sit here upset and without any answers that I actually would like to hear, I could just ignore the problem. Ignore it until I forget it. I'll forget it eventually since that's how my MS-Life Brain works. All I need to do is focus on something else, if it's even for a moment, and I'll just forget what the hell I was doing before. Hmm... Okay, here goes nothing!

LOST... The movie theater... Pizza... Girls...

Okay, what was I talking about again? Oh yea. Pocket-watches. They make me feel classy.

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