Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Good Help Is Hard To Find

Maybe I'm wrong, but I was under the impression that I have Multiple Sclerosis, and with that wonderful gift I am also blessed with that whole fatigue thing, where I get tired quicker than I should when engaging in activities. Things like that, I thought, qualified me for a disability pass on the local transit system. Well, that's what I thought...

I guess I was wrong. I was informed by my neurologist (before being hung-up-on mid sentence) that I don't qualify at all and the paperwork I had given to him wasn't going to be signed. Which now means I'm kinda regretting signing up for six classes at a not-so-local community college to further my education and hopefully get a good job.

Now in addition to my financial scares and how nervous I am about the workload of the coming semester, I have to be stressed out about not being disabled enough or whatever. Great, thanks. Thanks a bunch for that.

Wow, I really do miss the days I had a neurologist who understood what was going on with my life and was helpful.