Sunday, September 27, 2009

And Now...

And now back to our regularly scheduled program!

So I added 4 links on the side of this blog page deal thing. Right over there, to the right.

First is a link to MSunderstood. It'd run by Dana & Jackie, two awesome girls who strangely enough tell you some pretty unawesome things in their blog. Stuff like poo problems. Gross, huh? Yea, but it also is an amazing blog from two lovely ladies who are living with multiple sclerosis and aren't totally boring old farts. (My apologies to the older ladies out there. I love you. Especially them cougars. Rawr!)

Second is 12 December 2008. This one is pretty new to me,  but I felt an instant connection with it, and the blog-runner Lori, when I read something I might as well have written myself. "I am really, really boring." Okay, now I know I am totally underselling with a quote like that, but you know, boring people are entertaining too. God, I hope so. Otherwise I have NO chance.

Next is List Of The Day. That one is always good for a chuckle. I check it out every day, when I'm not blabbing about myself in here or on twitter. Vein much?

First Showing is a great site where I find quite a few choice bits of movie news. I love movies, so it's pretty much my version of CNN or something.

Oh, and I also added Lifehacker. I check it out all the time, and every once and a while I find some awesome tip or idea that I never thought of but I know after reading it, life will never be the same. Ever. (Exaggeration alert!) Anyway, this site has pointed me in the right direction a couple of times, and all I know is I have never opened a banana the same way again.

Alright, so there ya go! Enjoy. Be back later with more diatribes and ramblings about how crazy and boring my life is. Fun, huh?

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