Friday, September 4, 2009

A Day At The Theater

So today I went to one of the local Edwards Cinemas. I really used to enjoy going to the movie theater. Now, not as much. Nowadays, I can barely sit through an entire movie without missing scenes. That, dear friends, is a freakin' crime. Let me say it again, in caps this time - I AM MISSING SCENES!

Why? Because I have to duck out to use the restroom. Suuuuperlame. I missed the end of a 90 minute movie (the new Mike Judge flick, "Extract") because I couldn't hold it. 90 minutes! And I made a point to "go" right before. C'mon. That's ridiculous. What, am I geriatric? Then I end up having to ask for a rundown of what I missed. The end of the movie? Yea… I, uh, missed it, but I was told what happened so it's totally just as good. Totally.

This year I have missed a scene in almost every movie I saw in the theaters. Over twenty movies, and numerous experiences ruined for me. Why do I even bother? Well... Hell, I love film. Sad, isn't it? I am, and will always be a film student. I love movies and I love television, and any lame bathroom problems isn't gonna stop me from one of my basic enjoyments.

It will, however, piss me off.

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