Friday, November 6, 2009

That's crazy! Like goldfish crackers and bananas...

I've been thinking about writing a blog for a few days, but it seems to always fall by the wayside. Well, I guess I'm giving it a shot now! It's not gonna be fully fleshed out, mostly I'll just touch on stuff.

I'm dizzy right now, just sitting here on the couch. Isn't it marvelous to know that stuff doesn't even have to happen for there to be dizziness? Bonkers indeed.

So I found out that my father was looking into ways to maybe get me onto his medical insurance plan from work as a way to try and help me out with the whole insurance payments thing. Very nice of him, but I told him it probably wasn't a good idea. I have a really good thing going for me right now with my plan. I got in pre-diagnosis, so I didn't have any condition that would jack up the rate. I gotta hang on to that. It was a nice thing for him to try and do though.

I'm gonna be starting my new job soon. I'm not too nervous, although I am sure that'll change as the day gets closer. I'm sure I'll be fine (it's not like it is something serious) but there is always stuff to worry about. The usual symptom type stuff. The fatigue. The awful memory and cognitive stuff. The ability to handle stress. Those are things that will always be obstacles for me to have to deal with, so I just gotta get used to it. Just because I have a lame brain doesn't mean I shouldn't be able to handle a stupid job like this one. Plenty of people who are stupid and have no excuse for their boneheadedness are successfully employed. Just ask your mom. Oh snap!

I pronounce "pecans" like you would pronounce the phrase "I bought a can of peas".

My brother told me what will end up on my gravestone. A quote of my own. I guess maybe I need to be more careful about the things I say. Or at least be a little less honest... Quote: "I barely like family, let alone strangers" Welcome to heaven Damon!

How do I deal with my MS? I ignore it. Then it whoops my ass. I'll learn someday that I should be better at things like diet and exercise and know my limits with both of those things, but I am still "fairly" young. I should still be allowed at least a mild level of recklessness. So how do you deal with yours?

Why do I equate being "real" with being cranky and pessimistic? I'm sorry, but when people have this can-do attitude and an outlook on life that any and everything is achievable as long as you believe... those people need to get kicked in the face. Get real. Stuff is tough. You might also wanna throw a little humor into your repertoire. Serious people suck. Oh, and feel free to throw in some colorful language, fucker.

2 notes -

1. Note to people I talk to regularly: I adore you. Thank you for putting up with my crap.
2. Note about the image usage in this blog: I just picked a phrase out of each paragraph and did a google image search. Didn't it really spice it up?! :-)

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