Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Okay, I get it. So I can't over-do things or whatever. I heard everyone tell me that, but come on. That's just not fair. Let me do stuff! It's not like I am trying to do a marathon or something.

Let us go over my day for a bit. From my morning until I went in to fill out papers for the new job this afternoon at 1.

After dragging myself out of bed and getting up at 9 I went into the living room and hopped onto my laptop. I discovered some awesome deal at Target for some DVDs so I had some printing of coupons to do. My problem was that I couldn't connect to the network printer so I ended up spending two hours working out all the crazy details due to the host computer's switch to Windows 7 and my own wacky settings. Two hours. But it's computer stuff. Not very physical except the occasional walking back and forth between computers (7 feet apart). Not too bad.

I start to feel the time crunch, but not too bad. After I beat the printer problem I decided to oblige a request to put some music on my sister's iPhone along with a cool Freaks & Geeks ringtone. That's definitely not physical, but it gave me a hell of a time because I had to mess with some of the settings and it was just more pain-in-the-ass stuff I was dealing with. Of course I am also paying attention to the clock which is telling me now I only have an hour and a half until I have to leave.

Well, then I decide I can squeeze in some exercise. I am trying to be better at that stuff, and my plan is to try and cycle at least 10 miles every day on the exercise bike. That plus a shower and all that made it a tight squeeze for the time I had left, but I did it anyway. I actually did pretty well. I was a bit sore but less than I thought I would be. After the shower and getting ready I was actually feeling pretty good.

All the annoyances and work and exercise I had to tackle was conquered one at a time and I was ready to go. So off I went, feelin' good. Well off I go. I make a stop beforehand at a store nearby and when I finally got to the job to fill out papers, I'm standing in an air conditioned environment and I realize I am sweating like crazy. What the hell? And I feel like everything I did all day just hit me all at once like a ton of bricks. Thankfully I didn't really have to anything but fill out a form, nod, agree and smile. But for realsies... I was wiped out.

Yea, I know it's my fault. I didn't keep an eye on my energy meters and account for the fact that I lose energy faster than normal people. What can I say? I'm stupid. Well, maybe it's just the whole thing is still new to me. I have to learn my own limits. But right now I'm in the "all or nothing" mode still. Some days I'd rather go all out and take care of business. Other days I'd rather just sit and watch television. Let's face it, those TV day are most days.

Whatever. All I know is, by that point it was only mid-day and I was no longer in the position to do anything energy taxing, and that included dealing with people. So after I had finished my paperwork and left for Target to take advantage of that super deal (remember? this morning? the printer problems?) I was in no mood for any guff. So when the guff came my way I pretty much hit them with all I had.

Was I rude? Yes. Did they deserve it? Oh absolutely. They were terrible at their job. I have worked at Target before, and my mother works there now. I know what needed to be done was easy. Too bad they were just beyond awful and didn't know how to do their own job. I was "Stern Damon" and I was more than willing to yell as loud as need be. Was my demeanor linked to my irresponsibility with my energy levels? Probably. You know what though? Too bad. She deserved it. No apologies from me. Not this time. Maybe next time.

All and all I ended up getting stuff done, getting a hell of a deal, and getting a monster headache. I know I could have handled things better, but hindsight is 20-20 and I can't go back and change anything. Not yet anyway. Not until I get my DeLorean. Then it's 88 m.p.h baby!

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  1. "all or nothing" is right... i tend to suffer from this as well. who the hell goes out of their way to conserve energy? this concept is still one i struggle with. if i currently have it, i wanna use it god damn it!!