Monday, November 30, 2009

Everybody's Workin For The Weekend

Here are 2 reasons why I have so much trouble at work...

1. I get tired... quick. I don't pace myself right off the bat and then I get pooped and start pacing myself. Then they look at me like I'm being lazy (since they don't know about the MonSter). I freak out a little over it and that just makes me more tired. Keyword: Tired.

2. My brain...just...doesn' It doesn't. I'll see something over and over and yet forget it almost instantly. I get baffled trying to find something and will look over and over in the same spot and see absolutely nothing. Then I will look in the same spot again and see it. Oh, and when someone says something to me or explains stuff, I just go blank. Blank. When people talk to me and try to explain things to me, this is what they see:

Yes. That is me. If you're ever wondering what I look like classmates, that is essentially what I look like.

So in summation, I suck at my job and I need to either figure something out or get better quick, because they are starting to show signs of dissatisfaction. I have a feeling that soon enough this is gonna be one of those their way or the highway situations, and I'll be the one walking down the road.

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