Thursday, November 12, 2009

Dreaming Is Real

Remember this??
So dreams sometimes do come true... First there was pizza. DREAM COME TRUE! Then there was Wes Anderson movies. DREAM COME TRUE! Of course there's women. DREAM COME TRUE! And let's not forget... Jesus? Well, whatever. The point is, sometimes if you want something it can totally happen. This lady knows whats up -

Don't get confused, I AM NOT FLOATING AROUND WITH BALLOONS! Okay, once you stop crying about the balloons...

Anyway in that previous post I made a picture using a photograph I took and I thought it'd be totally cool to have it on a t-shirt... And now it is!

You can buy a shirt now with that picture on it! My picture! Some of the proceeds go to your local National Multiple Sclerosis Society chapter, so good deed done. More importantly, you'll have a shirt designed by Damon!!!

If you get a shirt, take a picture wearing it or putting it on your dog. Send the pic in and I'll post it along with a huge YAAAAAAY!

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