Saturday, December 19, 2009

Welcome to the Dark Corners of My Mind

My day today was uneventful, but interesting indeed. Not for me, but I am sure for those within my reach. I think I let my emotions get the best of me and my depressive side really stepped up and took over. It made for a pretty embarrassing day.

I decided to say things I probably never should have, and expressed stuff... stuff I knew was probably a mistake in the first place. I decided to just let a certain part of me take control and make decisions for my own interests, without consideration for anyone else. I mean, that is what I still want to do anyway if I'm gonna be honest. I would continue down that path if I could, but I think I hold the feelings of some people over my own. And here I thought I was a selfish individual. I guess this time, not so much. Evolution!

Oh well, these blah days happen. It's normal or something. I'd just rather they didn't happen as much. They happen to me lots these days. Oh well, just got to roll with the punches, let it pass, and whatever happens, it happens. It's just part of my life. If you wanna be in it you gotta expect it to happen. Except, I'd just rather not run people off. I have a very small number of true friends as it is.

Ugh. That reminds me of anther thing that bugs me. It's like, okay Damon, you have had enough trouble as it is with the whole social thing. Never been a winner on that front. Guess what, now it's gonna be harder! Seriously?!? So now I gotta throw in some unpredictable crazy moods, an uncooperative body (that I mean, come on, was never gonna win any awards anyway), and all this other crazy shit? Yea, I'm a freakin' catch. You know, if someone ever decides to put up with me on a permanent basis, I am pretty sure they are certifiably insane. Good thing I like insane.

Well, enough rambling for now. Tune in next time when the topic of discussion will be - "Mayonnaise: Condiment or Super-Gross Devil Concoction"

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