Friday, October 30, 2009

The Last of the Troubadours

What is "The Last of the Troubadours"? A series of mixtapes that I've made over the years of country music. Country? Really? Well, okay, so this whole thing started after one of those drama filled events that knocked me for a loop. I was all sad and mopey and next thing I know I had the urge to listen to country music. Probably because I was in fact born a human cliche. Oh yea. Cliche is my middle name too. Isn't that sooooo cliche? Okay. Enough of that.

Anyway, when I thought about the "country music" I was listening to I realized that it wasn't what you'd hear if you turned your radio dial to a country station. I'm not even sure if all of it would be considered country at all, but they were country to me. That's what matters. I'm the important one here.

Well, that's how the first volume I made came about. I didn't really plan on making one more, let alone three. Each one different from the last, they each capture a tone and moment in time for me. Feel free to ask me about them sometime and I might make you a copy. Here are some of the songs featured on the albums...

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