Saturday, October 10, 2009

Fashion = Hotness

Is Multiple Sclerosis being mean to me? For the last week or two, since the weather started cooling down, certain parts of my body have been very tender and sensitive. My legs and feet more specifically. They feel cold lots, and when touched by cold stuff, it hurts like all hell. Well there goes my bobsled career! Will I ever be able to slide down a hill on a big block of ice again? My dreams of being a bartender in an igloo bar are dead to me... Well, none of those things were ever really on my radar, but I'd like to think they could have been.

All I know is I am hoping all this is the weather or something, like a seasonal annoyance or whatever. I'd rather it be an annoyance than some sort of progression towards more nastiness. The cold thing isn't the only bothersome bit that has come up these past few days. I've also been a bit wobbly, especially in my right leg. My right foot feels like it's slightly on fire too. No, I checked and I am sure it's not actually on fire. Just because I like to wear shoes dipped in kerosene... It keeps them fresh! I learned it on the Oh-My-GOD-My-Clothes-Are-On-Fire! Channel.

On another, less bitchy note. Things for me are on a minor upswing. I have things coming down the pipeline that might lead to more interesting days. They are only possibilities, but I am keeping an eye on them and hoping something works out. Preferably one that is best for me, one with the least amount of stress and the most amount of benefits. But until anything actually happens, I am not counting on a damn thing and I am going to try and stay as vague and hypothetical as possible. Nothing is set in stone, and until that happens I am going to do what I do best - overthink, overworry, fret, fuss, and freak-out. Aren't I great? Well, I'm just going to root for myself and I hope you root for me too!


  1. My legs freak out when the weather changes. THe second things cool off, walking gets harder, they go all pins and needles, plus the hot flashes. It happens every year. Its super annoying. When it gets really annoying/really cold, I take Lyrica and that helps. You should ask for a sample if it bothers you that much. I only take it as needed which I like and it doesn't give me any side effects. It basically just says "Hey nerve endings, calm the fuck down".