Thursday, March 4, 2010

Adventures In Bloggersitting

Blogging is hard. Not like serious manual labor hard or curing diseases hard or anything like that. I'm just sayin', keeping a blog from drifting off into obscurity is pretty damn difficult. Maybe I'm finding my life becoming so uninteresting that the best stuff I can come up with is "…" or even "um…uh, yea." AWKWARD PAUSE!

It could be that my life is TOO interesting. A secret life of mystery and intrigue. Spies in disguise, lies, and alibis… Bonkers type stuff. I could be Jason Bourne or even Tom Ripley for all you know (Matt Damon man-crush alert!). This year is the year I vowed to kick-start a life full of adventures, big or small. Maybe I'm just keeping up with that promise. Maaaaybe…

So which is it? I'll be honest, I'm not really gonna tell you. If it's the super boring option, well, that does me no good. No point in letting you all realize just how droll and mundane I really am. I'd like to keep that a secret (shh!). Yes, I actually think there's the possibility that people find me interesting and intriguing. DELUSIONAL!

What if it's the other option, hmm? What if I am having the best time of my life right now? Totally possible. The recent past hasn't really been very nice, more like a bunch of blah with Multiple Sclerosis being the cherry on top. If anything, now would be a good time to be living it up, taking chances, and going for the gold. If it is the crazy exciting stuff though, I probably can't tell you about it. Don't want to get arrested and sent to jail for being extra awesome.

My blog is a reflection of my life. I keep quiet and hush-hush during the fun moments and get super talky when things aren't going so great. I tend to keep the good stuff on a need-to-know type level because, to me, it's too personal to share. All the bad stuff, even medical junk that should be personal, I have an easier time sharing. It's bad stuff, garbage, so it's easier for me to throw it out for everyone to read. The stuff that makes me smile, that stuff is mine. I put it in a nice little box and keep it safe, away from everyone else. Sometimes I'll open the box up and let some of you look inside. Occasionally I'll even share if you're someone special.

Just know that if the blog here is empty for a while, it's not that bad. I haven't died or fallen into some deep depression. Odds are, it's the complete opposite. I could be living a boring life or an adventurous one, but it's a life I'm enjoying too much to stop and write about. Of course when I'm ready to reflect on everything, I'll write with humor, a bizarre outlook, and funny pictures to illustrate. You'll be totally entertained!

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