Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Updates? Not Really...

Wow. I haven't written here in a while. A shame, considering how entertaining I am... (Insert sounds of a crowd laughing at how ridiculous that was).

Anyway, I haven't been up to too much. Nothing I would want to discuss anyway (ooh! mystery!). I've actually just been working here and there. Hanging out with friends and such. Watching a bunch of TV. Generally just keeping myself busy and happy for the most part. No huge developments in my life just yet. If there is, I'll let you know.

As for the health thing, I went and took some tests for my memory and the guy said I actually have a pretty good memory. Kinda confusing considering how much of a dope I feel sometimes. I'm a birdbrain! Whatever, the results were positive, so I am not gonna obsess.

Otherwise, I haven't got much else to tell. I'm boring! Sorry!

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