Monday, March 6, 2017

The Sickness

I've been sick for days now. SO MUCH MUCUS. Coughing it up, stuck in my nose... it's a problem. I've been taking Robitussin, but carefully because it reacts weird with my Wellbutrin. Makes me feel anxious and weird. It helps I guess... but not enough if it isn't gone yet!
So the other day on my way to bed I went to take my dose of Robitussin and, not paying attention, I accidentally took a dose of my mom's Cheertussin. Now that's a problem because it has codeine in it and it reacts HORRIBLY with the Wellbutrin. Like, seizures bad. There I am in bed and I notice I'm breathing quickly and my heart is racing and I'm feeling twitchy, so I go with my first thought - jump out of bed and go force myself to throw up.
Yeah. That was awful. Obviously. Luckily no seizures, but the rest of the night my heart was racing like I had a million cups of coffee or some sort of crazy speed drug (I'm guessing. I have no idea. I'm a nerd). I just tried my best to go to sleep by working on breathing exercises to calm myself down and ease my heart rate.
Anyway, the lesson is obviously to be crazy careful with ya medz, duh. Also, I think today I'm just going to skip my dose of Wellbutrin and take the Robitussin without the anxiousness so maybe I can go extra strength or something. I dunno. We'll see. I just need to get rid of this mucus. this stuff is gross as hell.

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